Bizbag provides businesses with an easy way to instantly tell your customers and staff everything they need to know, especially last minute changes, special offers, corporate events, etc. No need to use costly SMS, as instant messages can be sent via the app, directly to the members smartphones.

Your clients and staff simply download your customised business App for free onto their iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.

Your business can update the App information at any time of day or night by logging in to the web based Admin Console (even remotely via a mobile device).

The Bizbag Mobile App allows you to deliver information on any topic, such as:

  • Alerts - including special offers, staff rostering, safety management
  • Events - incorporating GPS directions, RSVPs, payment or information request forms
  • Specials - Offers, product launches, vouchers, etc.
  • News - better than Social Media because you connect with EVERYONE that follows you EVERYTIME
  • Documents - Upload brochures, special offers, coupons, vouchers, flyers, product information, etc.
  • Unlimitted Information pages about products and services - including photos, videos, links, contact details and social sharing
  • Links to website pages
  • RSS Feeds
  • Timetables
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Bizbag is the most advanced and effective way for businesses to communicate to clients and staff. It provides a great alternative to costly SMS alerts and unreliable email services, by using Free Push Alert Notifications directly to their smartphones.

The Bizbag Mobile App provides a very flexible system, allowing businesses to create their own customised menu categories, sub categories and content messages.

Publish your latest special offers, safety messages or staff roster changes instantly, straight into their hands.

Plus all of the information inside Bizbag can also be displayed on your business website by using the “Bizbag Communication Centre”.