If you are a club, you can signup here for your Free Trial of Sportsbag for 30 days.

Step 1. Signup using our sign up form.

Step 2. We will contact you and setup your sports club app.

Step 3. Start using Sportsbag and try it out for 30 days.

Step 4. Continue to use Sportsbag by paying the setup fee & annual subscription. 



Setup Fee:
Your club pays a one off setup fee of $680 + GST. 

Annual Subscription:
Your club pays an Annual Subscription based on the number of members: 
Up to 300 members the Annual Subscription is $300 + GST.
Over 300 members the Annual Subscription is $1 + GST per member (Capped at $1000 + GST).
It is free for members to download and use.

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